"Friggin' game changer"

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Supported Browsers

All browsers that support Full Screen Mode. It is all major browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) except Microsoft Edge. For unknown reasons Microsoft didn't add Full Screen Mode into that browser.

How To Use The Black Screen

  • Use F11 key on your keyboard or [Cmd + Shift + F] on Mac, as it is mentioned in the introduction, to switch your browser to full screen mode.
  • Every time you visit webapp.blackscreen1.com you will see new randomly selected introduction image. The image is taken from a collection of most interesting photos on Flickr.com.
  • If you want to skip introduction image, then just click anywhere on the web-page and it will fade away.
  • Often it is not enough to see one introduction image. If you want to see more images then reload the page using [Ctrl + R] keyboard shortcut or [Cmd + R] on Mac as many times as you wish.
  • In Chrome you can see slight distorsion of background image during appearance and dissapearance of hints. It is the way that Chrome handles fadein/fadeout events and there is no such things in other browsers.

How Black Screen Can Be Useful For You?

1. It can help you to stay focused

Black Screen is a good way to reset/refresh your attention while working on the computer. Usually you don't stay focused on one task for too long. Process of computer work is usually discrete: work -> divert attention (to relax) -> work -> divert attention -> work -> divert attention etc. Such periods of diversion of attention can take only several seconds! If attention is diverted to browsing social networks, reading news, reading funny stories etc., then it can take more than several seconds, and the work can even be forgotten. With Black Screen such diversion of attention can be short, relaxing and "clean": without overloading with unnecessary information.

2. It can help you to give a rest to the eyes while working on the computer

During computer work you are looking at a "lamp" which is screen of your monitor. As you know, your eyes can become tired because of looking at text or different multi-color luminous content. Pretty often there are short pauses during computer work when you want just to think over something, and during such pauses you don't need screen of your monitor to shine on you. Open Black Screen during such pauses and give your eyes a rest.

3. It can "switch off" screen of your laptop

Do you know how to switch off laptop screen without turning the computer off? For example, you are downloading some files and it is taking ages. You don't want to switch off your laptop as then it will start downloading from the beginning again. Using Black Screen you won't have to look at the shining screen during such downloading process.

Issues in Safari on Mac OS X Lion

  • [Cmd + Ctrl + F] is used to switch browser to full screen mode.
  • Full screen mode is different than full screen mode in Windows, although it was the same in previous versions of Mac OS X. Tabs, address bar is visible in full screen mode in Safari on Mac OS X Lion. You can find more info about this issue here.
  • Use Firefox or Chrome to have true full screen mode on Mac.

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